Hello, I’m Barkley

  • Launched over 100 products for mission-driven brands
  • Solved problems at every scale from early startups to multinationals
  • Developed products across categories including food, baby, personal care, and supplements

Difference matters, and the most meaningful points of differentiation start with the supply chain and operations.

Get in touch: barkley@barkleyjenny.com

Here's how I can help:

Move Quickly

  • Identify the metric that matters most
  • Automate reporting to create real-time dashboards that focus teams and drive progress
  • Plan, execute, measure, repeat

Create products that tell a story

  • Research products and industries to find the difference-makers
  • Develop products that highlight that difference, on time and under budget
  • Build transparency programs to give marketing teams everything they need to tell great stories

Develop excellent partnerships

  • Use data-driven storytelling to negotiate the pricing, terms, and service levels that will make consumers think differently
  • Source partners who value a brand’s core mission and will embrace change

Build lasting value

  • Build loyalty through excellent product quality
  • Reduce costs of goods sold through strategic sourcing and deeper partnerships
  • Create demand forecasts and supply plans that expedite the cash cycle and minimize obsolescence and chargebacks

Let's get started!

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