Operationalize Data

  • Centralize data into a single dashboard with automated reporting to track the most important metrics to your business
  • Demand Planning & Forecasting to maintain in stock rates and optimize cash conversion cycle

Innovation & Change Management

  • Review competitive landscape to identify gaps and differentiators
  • Deep research into production methods and technology to create options for category firsts and lasting competitive advantages
  • Design traceability programs and 3rd party certifications that communicate that story and build trust and competitiveness
  • Write project plans that leverage transparency to reduce iteration cycle time and produce higher quality outcomes

Margin Optimization

  • Audit COGS using purchasing data to calculate COGS at the SKU level, benchmarking against a should cost model
  • Analize Margins across the portfolio to support LTV calculations and identify product line sensitivities
  • Design & Implement Margin Improvement Plans that rank projects by budget impact and operational feasibility

Distribution & 3PLs

  • Automate service level reporting and daily issue escalation
  • Negotiate chargebacks by auditing billing vs rate card
  • Analyze outbound shipping data to inform network analysis and negotiate better rates from shipping carriers

Stakeholder Negotiation

  • Leverage data-driven storytelling to negotiate better rates, financing terms and service levels at all levels in the supply chain
  • Source viable alternatives to present partners to improve competitiveness of your contracts

Quality Mindset

  • Create CX dashboard to track issues by product group, sales channel and keyword
  • Analyze status quo to identify product line sensitivities and create mitigation plans, lead projects within your supply chain to implement those plans